#24 & #25: Sequoia and Kings Canyon (CA)

We made it. Our heart’s were torn when they had shut the gates on this park because of the government shutdown. This was one of the top on our list. In a hopeful manner we checked the parks social media and found out the opened again partially on the January 11th. We decided to head directly here. We are so thankful they opened, but we can also see exactly why they closed and may well close again soon. We were definitely disappointed in our fellow humans as we saw people crossing the protective barriers around General Sherman and another group stealing moss from rocks on the side of the road. (We did say something but the parties didn’t seem to care). The giant Sequoia Grove is about an hour drive up and into the park. We climbed to over 6000 ft, turned a corner and were immediately awed by these towering giants. A lush red glow through the dense green and brown of the forest was accented by the layer of snow. We couldn’t help but to get a little teary in awe of their majesty.
The next day we followed a very narrow road along the foothills, then up the canyon to the Kings Canyon Park entrance. Once we arrived a gentle snow began to fall. We were able to explore around General Grant and others almost by ourselves. It was beautiful in the snow!

We are so very thankful for the National Parks and those that had the forethought to preserve these beautiful treasures, and those that protect them today. img_20190113_145508713_hdrimg_20190113_152754621_hdrimg_20190113_154711410img_20190113_160530000_hdrimg_20190113_164105178_hdrimg_20190113_214240_342img_20190113_214240_341img_20190114_134348201_hdrimg_20190114_135626234_hdrimg_20190114_140033218img_20190116_104229755_hdrimg_20190116_110042697_hdrimg_20190116_113800974img_20190116_163701_985img_20190116_163701_975img_20190116_163701_983img_20190116_163701_979img_20190117_142657828img_20190117_142812121_hdrimg_20190116_144731401_hdrimg_20190116_113833379img_20190116_144352052img_20190116_114303728

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