Natchez Trace Parkway (MS, AL, TN)

On the NPS website the parkway is described as driving through 10,000 years of history. From Natchez MS to Nashville, TN the parkway winds with ups and downs intertwining with the ancient footpath. Used as a travel corridor by American Indians, some of whose mounded settlements are still visible today, to European settlers and traders who sent their goods down the Mississippi and returned eastward. The trace began to see a sharp decline in use with the rise in motorized transportation. The trace is free of commercial vehicles and has a steady average of 50mph speed limit with lots of well-marked opportunities to pull over and learn some of the rich history the trail holds. We utilized two of the three free campgrounds while on the trace and visited the final resting place of Meriwether Lewis of the well-known Lewis and Clark U.S. adventurers.

We really enjoyed the 444 mile drive – a great chance to travel some beautiful country and get off the interstate.


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