Park #8 Great Smoky Mountains (TN)

When we arrived most of the park was actually closed . . . for a hurricane. I bet there are not many times this can be said for a park in Tennessee. While nothing came of the little rain that fell in the Great Smoky Mountains, folks to the east are just finding out what damage has occurred and what next steps will be. The rainfall in the Carolinas was monumental and many have lost a great deal.

Because of this turn of events our original plans were not available, but that lead us to find the best campground yet. Greenbrier Campground – it was beautiful, well maintained and very well planned. A great place for us to acclimatize to our new digs and for me to get some work done. The occurrence of ‘smoke’ in the Great Smoky Mountains was beautiful and the crowds were at a minimum.

All-in-all it was a good visit and great time to celebrate Wren’s birthday.


The order of our parks has altered a bit – but up next is Shenandoah (VA).

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