XX Isle Royale

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. We will have to plan another trip, but now we have lots better information on how we would like to go.

We originally had planned to go and camp for a night or just do a day trip to the island. There are several ferry locations in Michigan and Minnesota. ALL BOOKED. One business we spoke with even said “I have no idea why I am so busy . . .” So with the abnormal rush on ferry tickets we were left mainland.

We did travel to Two Harbors and met up with friends of friends from our sailing days. It is amazing how our sailing adventure has paid out again and again and again in relationships, memories and experiences!! (More about that on this blog: www.svnightmusic.wordpress.com) Turns out we had just missed each other while in the Bahamas. They had sailed with their two daughters from the great lakes and down. They had befriended our friends from sv Wildest Dreams (who stored our airstream for the month of July) and sv Midwatch (who came to our rescue when Gus broke down) while in the Bahamas. Mark and Katya (sv Amacus II) were very gracious and had us over for dinner to meet and it was fun to talk about sailing and travels. They run a charter sailing company on Lake Superior and we were able to tour their boat before heading out of town. (Their site: Amicus Adventure Sailing)

We now know that we will want to spend a lot more time than just a day or two at Isle Royale. Mark and Katya have been many times and said there is so much to see. So, for now that one is on the shelf and we’ll plan a longer trip, most likely with a private boat charter to get see the royal’ness’ of Isle Royale.

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