Park #3 Acadia (ME)

Acadia might be one of the smallest national parks in the U.S., but it definitely packs a punch. We took a day on Mt. Desert Island and a day on the Schoodic Peninsula. Each beautiful and unique.

When we drove into the park on day one the fog was settled in all along the bay and the tide was out. The colors were amazing with the light gray of the fog, deep brown and greens of the sea life, dark greens of the evergreens and beautiful blue of the water.


We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain, looking down on Bar harbor and across most of the National Park as the fog cleared.



We took in a Tide Pool Talk at the College of the Atlantic and the kids received their third Jr. Range badge. We stopped in the Wild Gardens of Acadia (my Master Gardener heart completely geeked out!) and then climbed on the red rocks along the eastern shore of Mt. Desert Island.


Day two we toured Schoodic Peninsula. This was a real treat as the crowds were minimal and the landscape quite a bit different than Mt. Desert Island just across the bay. We attended a youth wildlife hike and explored the many coves along the shore. Ethan and Wren took a dip in the chilly waters and ran all over Schoodic Point where streaks of dark rock intertwine between the red tinted granite. We also explored many of the tide pools putting to use our skills learned the day before.

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Up next . . . Isle Royale (MI).

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