Phase 1 – Leaving and the Maine Woods

We left middle Tennessee June 30th utilizing Nick’s vacation to move the family and the Airstream up to Maine. On the way north, we visited the first two National Parks on our list, Mammoth Cave (KY) and Cuyahoga (OH). On our way through Vermont we broke down near the top of Hogback mountain on Rt 9. We spent 3.5 hrs on the side of the road waiting for the tow trucks to arrive. Many folks stopped to see if they could help, or if we needed anything. It was July 3 and by the time we made it to the dealership they had closed for the evening and for the Independence Day holiday. Our great friends drove 3 hrs round trip to bring us to their home to stay until repairs were made.


We are so thankful to our friends for their hospitality and the great visit with them. We were able to pick up Gus Saturday the 7th.

We left the airstream at a friend’s home on the coast in Belfast and we continued up to Jackman to Stacy’s parents’ cabin. Nick flew back to Nashville after his vacation was over to complete the fiscal half at work while staying at a friend’s home. Stacy and the kids stayed at the cabin.

Our stay has been great in Maine. We’ve had a few moose sightings with lots of loons, 2 bald eagles and busy beavers in the streams. The water has been warm and very refreshing for swimming with only a few cold days. Nick flew back last Saturday and we are all happy to have the band back together. We plan on leaving the lake next Monday returning to the airstream.



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