The big picture.

Gus and Us Great Adventure Map

Our plan is to hit all 47 National Parks in the lower 48 United States. We are taking roughly a year to do so. There are so many sights to see, so we are focusing on the National Parks, then anything else we squeeze in will be the cream on top.

Making it Happen. In order to be gone a year, Nick has quit his job and we are renting out our home. Stacy will continue to work and we are homeschooling the kids. Ethan will complete his 5th grade year and Wren will work on pre-K materials.

Our Truck is a 1995 Ford Excursion (Gus) towing behind a 1977 25ft Airstream Land Yacht. We completed the renovations ourselves over the last year, including new plumbing, water heater, water tank, brakes, axles, shocks, bed configuration and interior surfaces including new paint and new flooring.

before 1before 2renno 1renno 2

We sold two of our vehicles and put all of our things in a 15×20 storage unit (ie the biggest game of Tetris ever). Nick finished his fiscal year at work while Stacy and the kids lived in Stacy’s parents’ cabin in northern Maine for the month of July. On Nick’s vacation we moved the airstream up to Maine, hitting two National Parks on the way. We will retrieve the Airstream from a friend’s home on the coast in August and continue our travels.

As usual, all is subject to change. It is a good idea to have a general plan with plenty of room for flexibility – especially when trying to fit this much in a year!

13 thoughts on “The big picture.

  1. Good luck. I am so proud to be able to call you guys my friends. Your adventurous spirit is so admirable in these times where most want to do nothing more than watch tv.

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